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    Electronic Organ, Piano, Guitar, violin, Drum Pad

    Electronic instruments: Organ, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drum Pad, Mandolin & other
    Have you ever become a true artist in electronic instruments?
    Have you ever been an artist playing electronic music while singing your favorite song?
    "Organ, Piano, Guitar, violin, electronic drum" to synthesize a variety of electronic instruments: Electronic Organ, Electronic Piano, Electronic Guitar, Electronic Violin, Electronic Mandolin, Electronic drums, Electronic chords, Electronic flutes and other electronic instruments, free, easy to use, quality sound
    "Organ, Piano, Guitar, violin, electronic drum" fully simulate the sound melody of your favorite electronic instruments, smooth, deep soul, listening to its sound is wonderful
    Simulation category:
    (*) "Electronic instruments": Electronic piano, Piano chord, Acoustic guitar, Electronic guitar, Electronic organ, Electronic Accordion, Electronic cello, Electronic flute, instrumental, Electronic violin, Electronic Mandolin, Drum Pads electronic drum
    (*) "Electronic music": Organ, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Mandolin
    (*) "Electronic chords": Electronic drums, Electronic bass, Electronic lead
    Characteristics of "Electronic Organ, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drum":
    (*) Each type of electronic instrument has full keyboard and music button corresponding to each type of instrument Organ, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drum Pad, Mandolin
    (*) Ensuring sound quality, accurate musical notes of each instrument type Organ, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drum Pad, Mandolin
    (*) Design interface compatible with structure and image of each type of instrument Organ, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drum Pad, Mandolin
    (*) Provide a library of audio samples according to each type of instrument recorded from the chords of those instruments.
    (*) Each type of instrument when playing things allows you to configure additional DJ music chords, Remix music - Mixer and can set settings to allow remixes at the same time with multiple chord notes.
    (*) There are over 100 variation sounds and 200 other variations chords.
    (*) There are more than 200 chords about electronic drums and electronic bass sounds.
    (*) When playing, you can choose an organ instrument, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drum Pad, Mandolin, just play and sing to record your sublimation, then can take a self-review or share Audio files come to your friends with the FAN on social networks
    (*) The remix-mixer sound buttons can be repeated depending on the chord configuration.
    (*) Organ instrument tools, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drum Pad, Mandolin allow both playing music and singing and recording while remix-mixer.
    (*) You can save the audio music file you like if you want.
    (*) You can use all 10 fingers when playing cu cu music
    "Organ, Piano, Guitar, violin, electronic drums" are quite similar to other electronic instruments or instruments, giving you another great experience, interesting and free-flowing, free and bright. create the same art when you travel, pinic ... without bringing any instrument, it is another wonderful way to enjoy music, electronic music on smartphones that brings great sound great in mp3 format.
    Utilities "Organ, Piano, Guitar, violin, electronic drum":
    (*) Multilingual design, easy to use
    (*) Allow recording music melodies
    (*) Store and playback
    (*) Share to friends and FANs on social networks.
    (*) Combining DJ Music style, Remix / Mixer with chord rhythm and electronic drum (Drum Pads)
    Good tips:
    ✓ Tapping: Fingers tap down the notes to create an electronic tune.
    ✓ Tap or Tapping the frets to make the melody clear.
    ✓ Remix / Mixer: Open combined with electronic drum chords and other chords such as flute, cello, achord
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