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    Game Boost Speed up

  •  If you are looking for an application that enhances gaming performance, then the "Game Boost Speed up" app will help you optimize your play faster.
    ★ Free up memory space (RAM) intelligently to increase the speed of the game.
    ★ Clean and delete all redundant files in cache memory and download directory to speed up the processing of the game.
    ★ Close background and background applications that consume resources to cool the phone and CPU to speed up the game.
    ★ FEATURES ★
    ★ Direct Boost: Launch your favorite game apps and boost their performance with just a touch of a button.
    Intelligent Acceleration: Boosts performance in real-time and intelligently frees up RAM space, clever Cache Caches to speed up the game.
    ★ Smart Booster: Close underground processes, applications that consume a lot of resources the smart way to speed up the game
    ★ Scan junk: Clean up junk and clean up all new files automatically downloaded in the download folder of your smartphone
    ★ Scans all resources and closes applications and malware.
    ★ BENEFITS ★
    ★ Organize flexibly to customize and arrange any game application you want by pressing and dragging the application's icon, easily!
    ★ Suitable for mobile phones or smartphones when playing games.
    ★ LANGUAGE ★
    English, French, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Hindi.

    If you have a great phone but it cannot run games well, or have an old phone that needs a fast performance boost, then this is the perfect app for you. Download "Game Boost Speed up" now and see how it is!

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    Update many more functions and utilities of the application:
    (1) Internet speed test: includes the following functions
    (*) Wi-Fi speed test
    (*) 5G speed test
    (*) 4G speed test
    (*) 3G speed test
    (*) 2G speed test
    (*) GPRS speed test
    (*) Read and display the parameters of the network connection speed Ping command
    (*) Read and display download and upload parameters on the internet

    (2) Analyze the network connections being connected wifi analyzer include:
    (*) Analysis of network parameters that smartphone is connected to internet wifi.
    (*) Gets and displays information about the MAC address, IP address, DNS address, etc. of the internet being connected on your phone.

    (3) Gets and displays information about the hardware of the phone, such as CPU information, RAM parameters, device manufacturer information, etc.